Monday, March 13, 2023

Report: Angel's Share has a new home (and what of its old home?)

Angel's Share, the nearly 30-year-old cocktail lounge that closed on Stuyvesant Street last March, has a new home at 45 Grove St. 

As The New York Times first reported, "Erina Yoshida, the daughter of Tony Yoshida, the restaurateur who opened Angel's Share in a second-floor room on Stuyvesant Street in 1993, has found a new space for the bar in Greenwich Village. She will own and run the rebooted Angel's Share." 

The opening date is pending. 

Meanwhile, it was nearly a year ago today that news first surfaced — via a tweet by Alex Vadukul, a correspondent for The New York Times — that Yoshida's four businesses along Stuyvesant Street between Ninth Street and Third Avenue were expected to close.

Village Yokocho, Angel's Share, Panya and Sunrise Mart were all gone by the end of April

Eleven months later, the retail spaces remain vacant... there haven't been any for-lease signs posted during this time...
Another restaurant, Sharaku, in the corner space at 14 Stuyvesant St., shuttered earlier in the pandemic. (Sunrise Mart was in a separate building next door.)

Cooper Union, which leased the buildings from their owners and had subleased them to the Yoshida Restaurant Group for more than 25 years, said it was the tenants' decision to move on. (This post has more background. Yoshida had not paid rent since 2020.)

There haven't been any public statements on what the landlord, believed to be 29 Third Ave Corporation c/o Casabella Holdings, LLC, has in store for the spaces. A Cooper Union rep told us previously that no new building is planned on this site. 

So far, no sign of any work permits at the Department of Buildings to suggest a renovation or anything else significant at these addresses in prime retail-restaurant territory.


Anonymous said...

The neighborhood is a worse place without Yokocho.

Anonymous said...

While I am happy for Angel's Share, I am morose that it's the only one that has landed on its feet, since there are not similar announcements for Village Yokocho and Panya Bakery. And I wish Sunshine Mart would re-open someplace else in the EV - I know there are others in the city, but I liked having one here. @Anon. 2:48 is correct, the neighborhood is a worse place without Yokocho, but also Panya and Sunshine Mart.

Anonymous said...

All the way yonder past 7th Ave. :<

Anonymous said...

Add it to the collection of empty former restaurants in the area. By my count the east side of Third Avenue between 11th and 12th has five out eight storefronts empty, some of them empty since before the pandemic. What is up with these landlords?

Anonymous said...

The building is covered in bad graffiti and looks terrible and blighted. Cooper Union is being a bad neighbor leaving it in that state. Could they not get their student body or some local artist to paint a mural that would look nicer?

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is that The Moxy is expanding to Third Ave, hence those five empty buildings (look up and you’ll notice that no one is occupying the residences above and there are no “for rent signs” in the commercial spaces).