Monday, May 29, 2023

La Plaza Cultural's new solar pavilion is enjoying its moment in the sun

Photo by Stacie Joy

After a years-long crowdfunding campaign (read more background here), the panels and battery were installed this past Wednesday on the solar pavilion at La Plaza Cultural, the community garden on the SW corner of Avenue C and Ninth Street.

Aside from providing a grid-independent power source, the pavilion will also serve as a four-season classroom offering workshops to the community.

While some volunteer gardeners held an impromptu celebration this past week, some work is left to do, including more fundraising to help defray costs. 

But, as La Plaza's most recent newsletter points out, "the garden now has a source of sustainable power. Thanks to all who helped us realize this vision... We hope it can be a model for other gardens and any entity interested in sustainable energy."

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