Sunday, May 28, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo outside Webster Hall on 11th Street by Sean Piccoli... RIP Tina Turner)... 

Report of a fatal stabbing on 10th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C (Sunday

• Inside the new home of The Joyce, which aims to be a hub for the performing arts in the East Village (Tuesday

• The Wild Son will not be reopening (Monday

• A grassroots movement to access the main lawn in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday

• On 10th Street, infused bake shop Sweetooth closed for now after raid (Monday

• I saw Andy Warhol at the Brant Foundation (Thursday

• Waga is closing on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday

• Sadly, Mister M — aka papier-mâché man — meets the end (Saturday

• Soft openings: Spicy Moon on the Bowery (Thursday

• A Make-A-Wish moment on Avenue A (Friday

• Power aid: Transformer work wraps up at the Con Ed substation (Monday)

• Is this the skinniest smoke shop in NYC? (Wednesday

• Report of a fire in an abandoned curbside dining structure on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• "An Empire in Decline" at Village Works (Thursday

• On 10th and A, Deer Gallery debuts with some "Crispy Critters" (Thursday)

• Just another *******Pizza place (Wednesday

• To Eat Sushi on 10th Street (Thursday

• This East Village outpost of Blank Street coffee will be a barista training lab (Tuesday)

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Anonymous said...

I don’t know where else to ask this; has anyone else been smelling this horrible, chemical smell (almost like burning rubber) near 2nd ave between like 4th and 7th streets? I don’t know what it is but it’s been around the last couple days and it’s terrible!

Anonymous said...

That is the smell of the green paint used in the roadway for the bike lanes. or the red paint used for the bus lanes.
it has major VOCs!

Anonymous said...

It really is one of the most powerful and awful smells in the City, and it lingers for days. Don't recall noticing it during previous paintings of the lanes. Hope it's been environmentally tested.

Anonymous said...

It really is one of the most acrid and powerful smells I've ever encountered in the City. And it lingers for days. Don't recall noticing anything like it during previous lane paintings. Certainly hope, especially for the workers' sake, that it's been safety tested.

Anonymous said...

It was so intense the other day as I crossed 2nd Ave I wretched. Add the tons of plastic from those sticks everywhere and we’ll finish off this planet in no time. The people who do these things to our city are every bit as bad a Robert Moses was, all ego-driven narcissists, only the content of schemes their being different. I hope a book like Caro’s gets written about them, names and all, so that they go down in historical infamy alongside him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for solving this mystery for me! It is a truly horrible smell. Can’t be good for anyone, I bet even the rats avoid it

bjs said...

A few years ago, after being assailed by this smell on Washington Square East, I found the manufacturer of the green coating and wrote to them asking for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which should be available to the public. Never got an answer. However, it's now posted on the Sealmaster* website.

*Can't say for sure that this is what NYC uses, but it seems to be the leader in the field.