Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The annual Ukrainian Festival is this weekend

The St. George Ukrainian Festival returns to Seventh Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square this coming weekend for its 45th edition. 

The three-day festival celebrates Ukrainian culture, music, and food with various performances and vendors selling traditional arts and crafts. 

The Festival runs from Friday evening, May 19, through Sunday late afternoon, May 22. Here are a few highlights: 
  • Friday at 4 — Food and crafts vendors open for business 
  • Saturday at 2 — Outdoor song and dance stage performances 
  • Saturday at 5 — Ukrainian Liturgy inside St. George Church 
  • Saturday at 6 — Outdoor stage performances 
  • Sunday at 11:30 — Concert inside St. George Church by Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York 
  • Sunday at 1 p.m. — Outdoor stage performances begin 
Find more details on the Festival's Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know who the Food Vendors will be?

Anonymous said...

There are always a variety of food vendors. Most of the Ukrainian food is supplied by the same church goers as Streecha :) At St. George’s. But there are tons of other vendors with grilled kebabs, sweets, etc. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I learned so much about Ukraine and Ukrainians, while living on East 7th street for about 5 years, in the 80’s and 90’s. I learned about their national heroes, Stalin’s famine, the richness of their culture and folk arts. But mostly about their fierce nationalism and devotion to their homeland. Never imagining, however, that they would be called upon to defend it literally with their lives, in the 21st Century. The stage performances should be especially meaningful this year. And don’t miss the apricot crescent cookies!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 7:04 PM: I think the vendor with the Grilled Kebabs will not be one of the vendors this year!