Thursday, May 25, 2023

On 10th and A, Deer Gallery debuts with some 'Crispy Critters'

EVG photo from early 2023 

On Tuesday, we gave you a look inside The Joyce Theater's new arts venue on the NW corner of Avenue A and 10th Street. 

As noted, The Joyce has made available a handful of studios at subsidized rates for dance artists. There are also studios open for local dance companies and businesses to hold rehearsals, auditions classes, workshops ... or other gallery-arts uses. 

And one of these studios is now home to Deer Gallery, whose inaugural exhibit debuts this evening (May 25!) from 6-8 with "Steven Hirsch: Crispy Critters." 

The show features nearly 40 paintings and drawings that Hirsch, a longtime  East Village resident, created from 2020-2023. (We got a sneak preview of some of these here.) 

Per the gallery:
In frenzied images that illustrate dreamlike escapades, coupled with memories of waking hours witnessing the violence and antisocial behavior of our times, Steven Hirsch renders his biography and life's experiences in high color and surreal compositions.
The exhibit is up through July 1. After tonight's opening, hours are Saturday 12-5 p.m. and by appointment. 

Find the gallery's website at this link

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Grieve said...

This is NOT the same Steven Hirsch who was affiliated with EVAC on 1st Avenue.

Anonymous said...

It’s been said before but I’m so glad this is a space for creativity and not just another overpriced hostel for rich kids!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the gym and pool. They were beautiful and could have been a real community amenity