Thursday, May 25, 2023

Soft openings: Spicy Moon on the Bowery

Spicy Moon is now in soft-open mode (as of yesterday) at 265 Bowery between Stanton and Houston. (Thanks to all the readers who pointed this out!

This is the third (and largest) location for the vegan Szechuan restaurant with outposts in both the East Village (Sixth Street) and West Village. This spot features some sidewalk tables ... interior art by Free Humanity. The outdoor murals are by Praxis.

As previously reported, ownership received approval in February from Community Board 3 for a liquor license for the ambitious new project. The owners plan to use the brewing equipment left behind by the former two tenants — Belse (closed in late 2022) and Paulaner (closed in early 2018). 

We'll add the hours of operation as soon as we track them down. They'll eventually add a breakfast service (no alcohol served for the morning hours), per their CB3 presentation.


Anonymous said...

Excellent cuisine - spicy means SPICY here! Note that the prices are a bit high (entrees should come with rice and not be an extra charge). However, I'm sure I'll be visiting!

stephen b said...

We're so happy about this over here at our house. The pink is so lovely, it makes that part of Bowery look so good.
As it should be, it will probably be too busy for months to relax in it, but anyway we always have it delivered from 6th st - they have the best packaging system for delivering ever.

Anonymous said...

A little tour -

Anonymous said...

Nice writeup -