Monday, May 22, 2023

The Wild Son will not be reopening

Photo by Steven

The Wild Son has been closed for the past few months at 130 First Ave. just south of St. Mark's Place ... and more recently, the sign outside the lunch counter had been removed. 

We were unsure if this might be a revamp or a rebrand. However, ownership has confirmed that this is a permanent closure.

Robert Ceraso, owner and creative director of the Endless Hospitality Group, said they made the decision to focus on the company's four EV establishments — Bar Lulu, Good Night Sonny, the Wayland, and the latest, Madeline's Martini (not to mention the newish High Hope Tavern in Westerly, R.I.).

"It was occurring to us that that little location was just taking way too much of our bandwidth," he said.

The Wild Son relocated to the East Village from Little West 12th Street in May 2020. They moved to a smaller space next door in November 2021, offering a daytime service and turning the corner space into Bar Lulu.

"The unfortunate truth is it's just really hard to run a small food-focused business in New York City right now. Especially if your product is supposed to be approachable and cost-conscious," Ceraso said. "Cost of goods are still through the roof. It's not impossible, but it's definitely not easy. 

"It was a tough decision because we really loved that little lunch counter and thought we made that space really nice."


Anonymous said...

And Blank Street Coffee on First and 13th is now closed to retail sales. It will be a company training location according to the posted sign.

Neighbor said...

And that terrible paint/glue crap is already on the glass. So annoying.

To end without a whine though, Bar Lula has great food for anyone looking to try some nice tapas!

Anonymous said...

Not paint-glue crap , it's acid which destroys the glass

Anonymous said...

"And that terrible paint/glue crap is already on the glass. So annoying."

The real rats of New York.