Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The mystery of papier-mâché man — solved!

Last Friday and Saturday, we posted several photos of a papier-mâché sculpture around First Avenue and Seventh Street in various states. 

Thanks to an EVG reader, we have learned more about papier-mâché man. 

For starters, his name is/was Mister M, a creation of the late East Village-based multimedia artist Hanne Lauridsen, aka Hanne H7L. 

The journey began the other day outside 517 E. 11th St. between Avenue A and Avenue B "under rather suspicious circumstances." (Lauridsen lived at the address.)
How Mister M made it over to First Avenue is not immediately known. (Or his whereabouts now.)

Lauridsen died in late January 2022. She was 84. This afternoon at 4, there will be a small, informal ceremony and a sprinkling of ashes outside No. 517 in her honor. 

And we hope that Mister M is still out there somewhere, having an adventure.

Top photo via an EVG reader


Anonymous said...

If more people were made out of papier-mâché this neighborhood wouldn’t be so damn noisy!

Anonymous said...

Can we be living in a world made of paper maché?

Anonymous said...

Be a bit messy when it rains.

Anonymous said...

I saw a person carrying papermache man to his resting place at 7th St and 1st Ave… the person looked a little like him, thought maybe it was a self portrait or something. A bit more Jesus looking though and also with bare-feet… slow moving, an odd stare and quite dirty.