Monday, May 22, 2023

Today in Citi Bike docking station news

After a week-plus absence, the Citi Bike docking station has returned to the SW corner of 14th Street at First Avenue. Workers removed it for planned utility work. 

Thanks to Vinny & O for the photo!


Anonymous said...

A missed opportunity. That dock only has 44 slots, with space for far more. They could have put in a 100 slot one like on 10th street.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this dock back

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed: a true missed opportunity for the sidewalk to belong to PEDESTRIANS! (You've heard of pedestrians: they are the people who no longer matter in NYC.)

Or maybe Citibike could put in triple-decker docks and have room for 1,000 bikes on that corner.

Soon enough, NYC will be entirely dining sheds & bike docking stations. Amsterdam it ain't (and never will be) and "quaint European" it ain't (and never will be). It'll resemble a genuinely lousy 10th-world country.

Anonymous said...

Most of us want these docks put in the street “curbside”, not on the sidewalk. Often that’s rejected to save parking places. Parking for 50 bikes > 5 cars IMO.

In this case, it’s a broad sidewalk and a bus lane prevents a curbside dock so its the best option for this corner.

As for the people riding bikes on the sidewalks, I hate it too. Its not usually citibikes in my experience… IMO bikes need license plates or traffic enforcement will be hopeless forever

Anonymous said...

@12:14: YES, bikes should have to have license plates!

But enforcement? Dream on! This is NYC, where anything goes, and where "enforcement" is only a word in the dictionary. We are headed to anarchy-ville, b/c everyone thinks they're "special" and b/c the word "responsibility" is apparently not in anyone's dictionary.