Sunday, May 28, 2023

[Updated] Report of a fatal stabbing on 10th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C

Updated 5/29 

Police say the suspect, 28-year-old Quan Alford, is facing manslaughter and weapon possession charges, the Daily News reports

Victim Michael Gilligbauer worked at Bike Fix NYC on Sixth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue and was on his way to his girlfriend's place when the fight on 10th Street broke out, per the News.


A knife fight last night near 381 E. 10th St. between Avenue B and Avenue C left one man dead and another man in custody, according to published reports.

The two men reportedly didn't know each other, with the fight starting a little after 10 p.m. following "an accidental bump," per the Daily News

News outlets listed the victim as Michael Gillegbower, 31, who lived nearby in the Jacob Riis Houses. The unnamed 28-year-old suspect suffered a stab wound to his back. 

Charges are pending against the suspect, police officials said. 

• Sources: amNewYork ... The Village Sun ... The Daily News ... CBS 2 ... ABC 7 ... New York Post...

Screengrab via FreedomNews TV


Anonymous said...

Where has civility gone? Hot heads. Lawlessness is thriving. Ugh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow - so a dude bumped into another dude, and one person gets stabbed and dies. unreal. Agree with @ 9:54.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible in so many ways. Now we have to be afraid of accidentally bumping someone? JFC. People and their rage are out of control.

Condolences to this man, his family, and friends.

Anonymous said...

Rip Mikey. We love you

Anonymous said...

Dam I use to go to Mikey to get my bike fixed