Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sadly, Mister M — aka papier-mâché man — meets the end

Mister M — ask papier-mâché man — had a good run in the neighborhood, departing his longtime residence on 11th Street under slightly mysterious circumstances for a short road trip this past week. 

Sadly, as the top photo shows, Mister M's time in papier-mâché form has apparently come to an end in the construction pits of First Avenue and Seventh Street. (Thank you Georgia McGovern for sharing the photo.)

He was a creation of the late East Village-based multimedia artist Hanne Lauridsen, aka Hanne H7L. 


Anonymous said...

He probably ate rat poison. I wish the supers & landlords would stop using rat poison. The rats continue their outdoor dining while the poison kills birds and now papier-mâché humans.

Anonymous said...

Man that dude had a hard road.