Monday, May 15, 2023


We're coming up on the 1-week anniversary of the porta potties arriving in Tompkins Square Park for patrons to use during the field house renovations. (What are you doing to celebrate?) 

EVG regular Jose Garcia shared this photo and some preliminary thoughts on Day 6 
"This entire area truly smells like shit. It's actually impressive how much it smells. No kidding." 
Just 17 months and 3 weeks to go under renovations are complete!


Anonymous said...

Well i did have my bday party in the large one yesterday!

Wink2x said...

Can’t wait to see how they hold up through DANCEFEST on Saturday. The Horror!

Anonymous said...

thankfully I live just 4 blocks from the park and have never had to use the facilities here nor will I have to use those dubious, soon to be disgusting porta potties

Scuba Diva said...

I live less than a block from the park, and still used to use the restrooms; now I definitely won't use these porta-potties, ever!

(Is someone drafting a map of alternative bathrooms in the area? This could be a lifesaver!)

Trixie said...

@Scuba Diva I know there are toilet locator apps, I don't have one to personally recommend, but that reminds me of a great app called RunPee that tells you when is the best time to run and pee during any given movie, very helpful app.

Anonymous said...

@ScubaDiva, As long as you look halfway presentable, just do the old trick of walking into any one of the countless east village restaurants/bars and walk straight to the bar while pretending to be on your cell phone loudly saying something along the lines of, "Yes, I'm at the bar, I'll wait for you here", then just keep going towards the bathroom...Repeat same process as your hurry out "Oh, you're outside? Ok I'll come get you"...Problem solved! Done this countless times. And yes, the entire area around those portos smells like a sick baby's diaper on a hot humid day. No thanks.