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Friday, November 12, 2010

Clues about EV Lambo owner: 'always accompanied by beautiful blonde' (duh!)

Scoopy has an awesome scoop in this week's issue of The Villager.... In part:

As reported by the blog EV Grieve [editor's note: Woo!], a mysterious burnt-orange Lamborghini has been turning heads in the East Village, where it seems to live. We’ve seen it slinking its way down Avenue A, like a sleek cat, emitting a sexy, powerful rumble from its engine — while hopelessly stuck in slow-moving traffic. We were surprised then last Thursday to see that the “orange Lambo” had commuted crosstown and parked right outside our office at Soho Square. .... Monday morning, and lo and behold, there it was again, parked by Soho Square .... This particular luxury sports vehicle does have one small flaw, however: Its right side-view mirror was broken off and is being held on with tape. Oh well, like they say — nobody’s perfect, not even the awesome East Village Lambo. Nelson, our building super at 145 Sixth Ave., tells us he’s noticed the car parking around the area for the past two weeks. The Lambo’s driver is a man, about age 35, who is always accompanied by a “beautiful” blonde female passenger, Nelson said. The man works nearby, he said.

[Photo by Scoopy!]

Previous EV Lambo coverage right this way.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Still waiting for Chloe Sevigny's community board application

Remember all that hippity-doo about Chloe Sevigny wanting to be on Community Board 3? Back in May?

Anyway! The Scoopster remembers! Scoopy followed up with an item on it this week in the East Villager News:

The actress ... still hasn’t applied to Borough President Scott Stringer’s Office to be considered for a board appointment. "We are waiting for the application and we are looking forward to the interview," said Stringer. (All community board applicants are interviewed and screened by a "blue-ribbon panel" created by Stringer.) The B.P. noted that Sevigny — and anyone else who's interested — has until Jan. 15 to apply for the next appointments in April

[Image via]

Words for an accused dog killer

Speaking of Scoopy's column this week.... he also has a follow-up item about the puppy who was stomped to death outside Tompkins Square Park. He spoke with Patrick Miller, a.k.a. P. Miller, a.k.a. P. Mills. According to Scoopy:

"He's 86'ed," P. Mills said of the puppy murderer, if he ever returns to Tompkins. "I'm gonna kill him. We don't like trampling dogs. We don't like violence against animals. Yeah — word live."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's doing at the Economakis dream mansion on East Third Street?

Scoopy has an update this week in The Villager.

Take it away Scoopy....:

Lower East Side activist Susan Howard told us that a friend of hers who lives near 47 E. Third St. — the East Village "mass eviction" building — hasn't seen evidence of any work going on there for a while and thinks construction has ground to a halt.

Howard urged us to call Alistair and find out what’s up. "Work is progressing..." He said he doesn’t have a specific completion date for when the building will be ready for them to live in as their luxurious, single-family mansion. He said he and his family recently moved out of the place, and are temporarily living in Brooklyn until the job is done. "It came time we had to move out of there," he said of 47 E. Third St. "Our bedroom's gone — it was relocated to a different spot. The steps are being relocated. It was much simpler to just open everything up and build everything at once." Economakis said all the building’s windows are boarded up on the inside, not because no work is going on, but to protect the windows while work is going on.

[EV Grieve file photo]

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

As for Chico's new mural...

In his column this week, Scoopy had the following news about the new mural CHico is creating on Houston and Avenue B. To the Scoopster:

It turns out Chico, who is back in town from Tampa for some more commission work, is painting over the P.O.P. [Power of Peace] mural with a new one for a local band, Loisaida. He’ll then paint a new one for the Girls Club just to the west, covering over another of his murals, for the local band Aventura. Basically, it’s not what we thought — that someone might have dared diss Chico by painting over his work — but just some mural switching by the artist himself.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Chico has a new work in progress on Houston and Avenue B

Friday, January 22, 2010

Send me an angel

Thanks to Scoopy for the mention this week in The Villager... and for passing this along...

Ray needs an angel:
A local blog reader, on EV Grieve, we believe (hey, that rhymes), might have come up with the best hope — well, maybe it’s more like a prayer — for saving Ray’s Candy Store, at Seventh St. and Avenue A, from eviction. Sure, a fundraiser to pay Ray Alvarez’s last two months rent would be great, but what about going forward? Goggla posted: “Maybe the mysterious donor who stepped in and saved St. Brigid’s will extend their generosity to another neighborhood landmark. If the $8K is raised to save Ray, what about the next month, and the one after that?” In May 2008, the Catholic Archdiocese announced it had accepted an anonymous $20 million donation to restore St. Brigid’s Church and save it from demolition. More recently, an anonymous donor gave the ABC No Rio arts collective $1 million. Could Ray be next?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things to do this holiday season (or any other day): Go to Ray's

When you're out and about this holiday season, stop by Ray's Candy Store on Avenue A between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place... the food is tasty...and... isn't so good. As Slum Goddess noted:

He cut the price of his Belgian "Obama" waffles to $2.00..Don't know if it was the right thing to do..but his business is slow...PLEASE go there and support Ray's Candy Store..If he closes Avenue A will have lost an icon..

And Scoopy reported this week...

[H]e said, this is the first time since he bought the hole-in-the-wall store in 1974 that he’s never paid his rent on the first of the month. "They might throw me out," he said matter of factly. "If I work alone — no girls, no help — I will make $100 a day and pay my rent. ... And if lose my store, I lose my apartment, too. This is my only income, and it’s too cold to collect cans." He wasn’t kidding.

Also, according to Bob Arihood, look for some new coffee products soon at Ray's...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Correction of the week: Trump is NOT opening a tiki bar at Trump SoHo™ Hotel Condominium New York

Ha! We love Scoopy for this one... in this weeks's issue of The Villager...

A Scoopy’s Notebook item last week wrongly reported that a ground-floor space in the new Trump Soho tower at Dominick and Spring Sts. is slated to be a tiki bar. Eve McGrath, a P.R. spokesperson for the project, set us straight. "First, the property is Trump SoHo™ Hotel Condominium New York," she said, regarding the edifice complex's proper name. Second, she said, "There is no tiki bar planned for Trump SoHo." In fact, according to an explanatory press release McGrath sent us, the spot will be home to a lounge named Bazaar, "created by the team behind South Beach's hottest nightspots, Miami-based restaurant and hospitality group, KNR… . Bazaar will be the place to see and be seen while enjoying impeccable cocktails and playlists by renowned DJs. Luxuriously textured wood walls have a split-face finish, with a simple polished dark charcoal concrete floor continuing the raw and rich design elements in this posh lounge designed by Rockwell." Maybe the construction worker who gave us the wrong information was basing his opinion on the "textured wood walls" with their "split-face finish," which probably look — we're just taking a wild guess here — tiki bar-ish. On the other hand, maybe he was just an "apprentice." Ka-ching!

Friday, October 9, 2009

About Angelina Jolie's 'semi-crusty phase' in Tompkins Square Park

As Scoopy writes in this week's issue of The Villager:

We were surprised to learn, recently, ... that none other than Angelina Jolie also went through her own semi-crusty phase, hanging out in the park and smoking pot ... During the L.E.S. Slacktivists/veterans' "adoptathon" outside Christodora House last month, Lara Mascara ... told us how she used to run with the young Jolie. "We were friends of the band Sick of It All," she said. "We called ourselves the Alleyway Crew." The members each had a Sick of It All dragon tattoo. "Angelina Jolie was skinny, no figure — just straight, she had no boobs — hair in her eyes," but did sport her trademark big lips even back then, Mascara recalled. "Her dad didn't pay child support. ... She was just not going to high school, like all of us. She was known as Angie."

[Top photo via; Bottom photo via]

Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside the Economakis dream mansion on East Third Street

In this week's issue of The Villager, Scoopy gets a tour of the renovations at 47 E. Third St., where the Economakis family is making their 11,600-square-foot dream home from the former 15-unit tenement.

To some excerpts!

Except for the areas that the family is still using, the place has been completely gutted in the past month — with just the floors, the stairs and the building’s brick shell remaining. The old roof is still on, but will be replaced soon. With peppy enthusiasm, Catherine Economakis led the tour, first showing us her “dream kitchen” she had installed on the second floor, complete with a fully stocked stainless steel refrigerator, adjacent to their combination living room/dining room. Moving into the freshly gutted areas — where nothing at all is left of the former apartments — Catherine showed where they will blast through a wall to create a new doorway so that she won’t have to make the “50-yard dash,” as she put it, between the kitchen and the new dining room proper — that is, once they build the dining room in the rear of the building where one of the tenant’s apartments used to be.


The Economakises also proudly note they have even restored the building’s cornice, which had been removed, and have cleaned and pointed the old tenement’s front brickwork. Catherine stated they intend to live there their whole lives. Alistair, saying one can never know what the future holds, assured they’ll stay there at least 10 years — if not 20 years, and yes, maybe even forever.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Junior's Tompkins Square Park

There was a memorial service Saturday night for Nathaniel Hunter Jr. I had planned to do a piece on him, but it didn't come together ... So, here's information from other sources. First, the Times has a feature on Junior today. Meanwhile, as Scoopy noted at The Villager, Hunter — aka Junior — died in May. He "was known as the 'Mayor of Tompkins Square Park' when he lived there on a bench in the 1980s, holding forth with one and all."

Junior was featured in a Times article from July 31, 1989, titled "Worlds Collide in Tompkins Sq. Park."

Here's how the article begins:

"It's an interesting, intricate social situation," Nathaniel Hunter Jr. observed early yesterday morning from the bench in Tompkins Square Park, where he has lived for the last six years. "The internal contradictions are constantly slamming into each other."

In the after-midnight darkness, nearly 300 homeless people were stretched out in the park -- sleeping, trying to sleep, talking and drinking. Their number has steadily grown from some 137 who were evicted when the police tore down their tent city two weeks ago after a series of clashes. A cooking fire smoldered near some bushes, a tepee and other shelters had been set up from sheets of plastic and cardboard refrigerator boxes.

More and more homeless people have been trickling into the park, attracted both by the latest burst of public attention and the number of soup kitchens operated nearby by religious groups, turning the park into a kind of a sanctuary and rallying point for the homeless.

And later...

Tompkins Square Park, 10 1/2 tree-shaded acres of worn pavement and scuffed grass, is the center of a singular part of Manhattan known variously as the Lower East Side, the East Village, Loisaida, Alphabet City, Community Board 3 or the Ninth Precinct, an uneasy community that is the meeting ground of the two most powerful forces in the city today: drugs and real estate.

The story told by Mr. Hunter -- a gentle, shrewd-spoken, gray-bearded black man known as Junior, who keeps a small rake and shovel by his bench to tend the nearby cherry and black-oak trees -- is that of many of the city's homeless: a single, massive blow pushed them over the margin. In his case, he said, it was the purchase of the nearby high-rise where he lived by speculators who turned it into co-ops, leading to a long, unsuccessful struggle against eviction.

"I was doing everything right, paying my rent on time, paying my cable TV on time," said Mr. Hunter, who was then a self-employed contractor. "But they wear you out after a year and a half or two. I was physically, financially, psychologically pooped out. I just wanted to be left alone, to find a spot in space to cool my head out. So I came here. I found a sanctuary, really, trees, open space, solitude.

"Of course at that time, it wasn't so pulsating with events. But now we have cook fires burning, political activists yelling, police around, all the things I had been running away from," he went on, suddenly bursting into a whoop of laughter at the irony. "Now I'm worried about my actual eviction from the park."

He and many other homeless people were evicted from TSP. As Scoopy noted, he ended up get a job and with the Parks Department and worked at Washington Square Park.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out of Erie

On Monday, Bob Arihood reported that John Penley was returning to the East Village from Erie, Pa., where he has lived the last three months. In this week's issue of The Villager, Scoopy said that he received the following text message from Penley: "redneck kkkrackers with guns want my blood in erie. fuck that."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is the wrecking ball in store for the Cooper Union Engineering Building?

In this week's issue of The Villager (not yet online), Scoopy addresses the hot neighborhood rumor: Will the Cooper Union Engineering Building on Astor Place be demolished, like, really soon? The Starbucks there is gone, of course. Continental owner Trigger told Scoopy that he heard the building was coming down next month. (By the way, Trigger said that he favors a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's coming to the space...Not sure if he was serious.) Edward J. Minskoff Equities has the long-term lease on the building. Minskoff CFO Ben McGrath told Scoopy: "We are not commencing demolition next month -- that's a certainty. Cooper Union is still in the building. ... Obviously, the economy has an impact on the decision, but we're still wrestling what to do and when to do it."

Scoopy also mentions that the school will have moved into Cooper Union's new academic building at 41 Cooper Square by the summer. The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new building is Sept. 15."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ray still trying to get his Social Security

Scoopy has an update on Ray Alvarez at Ray's Candy Store and his ongoing battle to get his Social Security ... In this week's issue of The Villager (fourth item in Scoopy's Notebook): "In a new development ... Alvarez said he’s now got two lawyers helping him. They’re trying to track down a copy of his long-lost Turkish Navy ID that he used to get his green card when Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants back in the 1980s. 'It takes 10 to 22 months to get those papers — I may die before I get them,' Ray explained fatalistically as he mixed up a cherry slush for a customer last Saturday night."

As always, check in with Bob Arihood at Neither More Nor Less for photos and updates on Ray.

[Photo via The Villager/Jefferson Siegel]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Go to Ray's Candy Store

Bob Arihood has written about the plight of Ray at Ray's Candy Store, which has been at 113 Avenue A for 35 years. Now Scoopy has more details in his column (last item) in this week's issue of The Villager. Writes Scoopy:

Friends of Ray Alvarez are really getting concerned about his situation. Alvarez has operated his Ray’s Candy Store, on Avenue A at Seventh St., for years, and everyone just assumed he’d saved up a nice nest egg. But it turns out, he’s broke. He needs new glasses and has a bad hernia you don’t want to hear the details of, and his diet is mainly leftover potatoes that he doesn’t make into Belgian fries and maybe some soft ice cream.

Anyway, it's a complicated situation. So, stop by. Or at least visit the MySpace page that Eden Brower created for him. As his bio reads there:

Ray is a lower east side icon who is loved by many...He makes the best belgian fries around and will serve you with love and a smile...Home to old timer regulars, drunks, tourists, wingnuts, political activists and hipsters, Ray's is a unique piece of old new york in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.. Please come to Ray's and support this beloved treasure!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Save the M8

Scoopy has the following item in this week's issue of The Villager:

East Village native Quinn Raymond reports that COBATA (Coalition of Block and Tenant Associations) has started a new Web site to save the M8, the bus line linking the West Village and the East Village. The MTA wants to curtail the route as part of their plan to close a moronic $790 billion* budget gap.

* an EV Grieve estimation

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"I did warn him about the ghosts of the dead rockers and junkies that haunt CB’s and the Bowery"

Scoopy's Notebook in The Villager this week includes the following item:

Billy Leroy of Billy’s Antiques & Props said a man identifying himself as John Varvatos came into his E. Houston St. tent last week and purchased a $150 lamp for his new boutique at the former CBGB space on the Bowery. Saying he knows what “the street” thinks of the Varvatos shop, Leroy said he checked it out and was pretty impressed. “I am glad it is not a bank or a Starbucks and I think John did a tasteful decorating job,” Leroy said. “However, I did warn him about the ghosts of the dead rockers and junkies that haunt CB’s and the Bowery, and offered him an exorcism kit when he was buying a cool lamp.”

Meanwhile, the Varvatos shop has its official opening tonight. There will be protestors. Get the details here. (Via Jeremiah)

Meanwhile 2:

Scoopy also reports that the Manhattan borough Parks Department commissioner has signed off on a permit allowing concerts to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tompkins Square riots to occur Aug. 2 and Aug. 3.

[Image via Lionel Rogosin's On the Bowery, 1956]