Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside the Economakis dream mansion on East Third Street

In this week's issue of The Villager, Scoopy gets a tour of the renovations at 47 E. Third St., where the Economakis family is making their 11,600-square-foot dream home from the former 15-unit tenement.

To some excerpts!

Except for the areas that the family is still using, the place has been completely gutted in the past month — with just the floors, the stairs and the building’s brick shell remaining. The old roof is still on, but will be replaced soon. With peppy enthusiasm, Catherine Economakis led the tour, first showing us her “dream kitchen” she had installed on the second floor, complete with a fully stocked stainless steel refrigerator, adjacent to their combination living room/dining room. Moving into the freshly gutted areas — where nothing at all is left of the former apartments — Catherine showed where they will blast through a wall to create a new doorway so that she won’t have to make the “50-yard dash,” as she put it, between the kitchen and the new dining room proper — that is, once they build the dining room in the rear of the building where one of the tenant’s apartments used to be.


The Economakises also proudly note they have even restored the building’s cornice, which had been removed, and have cleaned and pointed the old tenement’s front brickwork. Catherine stated they intend to live there their whole lives. Alistair, saying one can never know what the future holds, assured they’ll stay there at least 10 years — if not 20 years, and yes, maybe even forever.

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Barbara L. Hanson said...

In my home, a "fully stocked refrigerator" means that it's time to clean it out. Seriously, I don't even know what is meant by that phrase. Are there people who have refrigerators that are purely ornamental? Unplugged, even?

Jeremiah Moss said...

yeah, they'll stay there at least until they can turn it into condos for sale. it makes zero sense that anyone who owns multiple buildings and has multi-millions, would go through the enormous trouble to take over a tenement, a shit-box building, rather than simply purchase a perfect townhouse. zero sense. how anyone in power fell for this horrible ruse is beyond me.

WB said...

Mr. Crowley, saying one can never know what the future holds, assured they’ll stay there at least 10 years -- if not 20 years, and yes, maybe even forever. Mua hah hah.

~evilsugar25 said...

i just can't conceive of having *that much space*... i mean, seriously. even if that was a two or three family house it would be enormous. selfish rich people. there, i said it.

Lincoln's Blog said...

The reason it said "fully stocked," was because perhaps that lends further to credence to the idea that they are actually living there -- some continue to doubt that they do actually live there, believing instead that they only show up for the occasional media tour.

editrrix said...
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