Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The Jerry Garcia of the sintir" behind Sintir

New York has the scoop on Sintir Restaurant, Cafe & Lounge on East Ninth Street near Avenue A. As the magazine reports:

Unless you are an aficionado of world music, you may not have heard of the Marrakech-born Hassan Hakmoun, but he is something like the Jerry Garcia of the sintir — a long-necked, three-stringed wood-and-camel-skin lute. He’s also somewhat of an authority on good Moroccan food: “In New York, there is none,” he says matter-of-factly. To rectify that sorry situation, he opens his own place this weekend in the East Village. Unlike his distinctive sound, which fuses Western influences with the music of Morocco’s Gnawa people, Hakmoun’s kitchen specializes in straight-up traditional fare (couscous, bisteeya, harira), and is run with an iron fist by his sister.

On Feb. 9, Sintir went before CB3's SLA Licensing Committee. Bailly Roesch was there to cover the meeting for Eater:

Sintir . . . met some opposition from nine members of the Block Association. They collected a petition with 109 signatures trying to block the restaurant and cited ads the owners had apparently posted on their MySpace pages advertising upcoming live music performances. After a half an hour struggle, the ap was denied, the owner was in tears.

Still want to know more about this sign.

P.S. Here's Hakmoun in concert.

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