Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun at museums: Appealing to the psycho-sexual crowd

Yesterday, the Real Clear blog posted excerpts from an interview between Maxwell Anderson, director of the Indianapolis Art Museum, and Richard Armstrong, the director of the Guggenheim Museum.

Here's an excerpt I found of interest:

The Guggenheim will increase its appeal to those below 35: "the psycho-sexual center of youth is in the Lower East Side," not near the Guggenheim, "so you have to figure out a way that it's not a stretch for people to get up there." They don't take taxis, he notes, and the Guggenheim in "not close" to the subway.

(As Real Clear's Judith H. Dobrzynski noted, "Gee, the 86th St./Lex Station is, what, a half dozen blocks away?")

Here's a link the video of Anderson and Armstrong.


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