Thursday, May 14, 2009

Troubling trends?: Yes, and give me an extra pitted, brandied cherry in my Rosewater Rickey — and watch the Angostura bitters

From The Wall Street Journal today:

As the economy sputters, bartenders are going back to school -- in bartending.

Several organizations, including the world's second-largest liquor maker, have begun offering graduate-style courses to certify drink makers as "masters" of the craft. These programs, which mimic those that anoint wine buffs as sommeliers, aim to help students find gainful careers in the bar or spirits industries as well as further legitimize the profession.

Designers of the new courses hope to fill the nation's bars with a greater number of sophisticated drink makers, which in turn might attract greater numbers of sophisticated drinkers.



l.e.s.ter said...

Except the real sophisticated drinkers are going to order their spirits neat.

The Biggest Pants said...

What will happen to Mars Bar? Will it become to fancy for even me?

Melanie said...

I like Ray's lime rickey's the best!!skip the rosewater--keep the seltzer..I like my lime rickey's almost neat! not too much ice--I rather take it straight up--ice on the side-

EV Grieve said...

Ha! Don't say that Biggest Pants!