Friday, August 14, 2009

The last "Note from EV Grieve" that EV Grieve will leave (today anyway)

The guest-blogging stint at Curbed winds down today....and so, a few of the things that I contributed this past week...

Sign of the Times, Bowery Edition (per Curbed commenters, the above flier is a stupid contest for Daffy's...)

Arrested Development: Weeds Sprouting Near Seaport

Downtown Bargain Hunter

Fringe spots

Noho #2: 25 Great Jones Hotel & Spa Grows, Gradually

East Village Noise Wars Update: Heroin Chic!

Construction Watch: 38 Delancey Grasps Towards the Light

Dining in the Dark

Cooper Union Scrubbed Anew

Scarano-on-the-Bowery Gets Its Gilded (Parking) Gates

As CHARAS Turns: Rebranded PS64 Up For Grabs on Ave. B

2 Fifth Follow-Up, Novgratz'd on E. 4th!

Meanwhile in the East Village

Many thanks to Lockhart Steele and Curbed for the invitation...

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