Monday, October 4, 2010

Chase branch robbed on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place

We're getting word that the Chase branch here was robbed first thing this morning. No other information as of right now. And no word if any of the 37 other bank branches in the next few blocks were knocked off either.

Photo via Nasry.


Mark said...

Sweet Blog! I like the pictures you got up.

chris flash said...

"Robbery" is a subjective term.

For example, it could be argued that Chase robbed Washington Mutual when Chase snapped up that smaller bank's assets and branches, including the one that got stuck up at St. Marx and second.

It could also be argued that Chase and other bankers rob the US public by way of using "fractional reserve" banking that allows banks to lend 10x more money than they actually have on deposit. (If you tried to charge interest on lending something you didn't really have, you might be charged with fraud!)

US Gov't. bailouts of banks that purposely make irresponsible loans in order to artificially inflate the market could be considered another form of robbery.

But the biggest bank robbery of all has got to be the scam being pulled on us since 1913 by the privately-owned Federal Reserve, of which Chase is among the three largest shareholders (Bank of America and Citibank being the other two.)

It works like this: By restricting or expanding the money in circulation, bankers' willingness to make loans and the interest rate charged, the Federal Reserve manipulates the economy to create hyper-inflation, recessions and depressions (including the one in 1929!) This enables those in the know to sell their holdings at the peak of the market and then, after a crash, to buy at the bottom of the market for pennies on the dollar.

But that's not all. Somehow, in flagrant violation of the Constitution, the Federal Reserve is permitted to print money out of thin air and then "lend" it to the US Gov't at interest payable to the Federal Reserve. (If the US Treasury printed its own money as it is supposed to, we'd have debt-free money and NO inflation!)

Those who created the Federal Reserve then had to create the means by which they would be paid. To do so, they had to get the US public to think that a federal income tax law had been passed.

ALL of the money collected by the Internal Revenue Service from taxpayers goes to the Federal Reserve in order to pay the imaginary "interest" owed by the US Gov't for the fiat currency created by the Federal Reserve!!

So....just WHO is robbing WHOM????

Larry Slade said...

Oh shit! I hope they didn't get this week's unemployment money.