Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The M15 Select Bus Service: 'people just need to give it a chance'

More comments are coming in regarding the new M15 Select Bus Service. (Streetsblog had a nice feature on the subject — via The Lo-Down)

A reader sent along this note:

Had good experience with yesterday (light use), not so good today (heavy and buses backed up). Take from 14th to 42nd.

Think it will be fine/better in a week or so after people who haven't been paying attention realize how works.

You can transfer from select to local (although seems a bit of a pain), but don't know what local bus driver would do if just tried to get on with a receipt for express — should have encoded for that instead of the paper transfer noted at the link, maybe can do in future.

There are kinks in the system that should have been worked out in the Bronx test project, but on the whole seems like a good idea and people just need to give it a chance, and then the MTA needs to revise accordingly.

Read more comments here.


Shahbaz said...

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esquared said...

i would like to give world peace a chance too.

i didn't know that the m15selectservice goes all the way through to manchester. better hop on this bus...

Anonymous said...

Ughh. I felt as if the Gestapo were onboard demanding to see my papers.

What a lousy feeling.