Thursday, January 6, 2011

Possible delay in emergency responses this afternoon from Ladder 11

We'll periodically have information on local fire company activities, including when they are closed for periods of time... particularly the FDNY’s Engine 28 and Ladder 11 — the two fire companies quartered at 222 E. Second St.

Ladder 11 will be conducting Building Inspection this afternoon from 1 to 4, as well as every Thursday afternoon. Building Inspection may cause delays in response because parts of their Buidling Inspection District are not in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd due emergency response area.

Firefighters may also be delayed since Building Inspection takes them to the far reaches of the building, including the roofs and the basements. The alarm is sent via Fire Dept. radio to the engine/ladder in the street. The Chauffer, who is the only firefighter who waits in the engine/ladder for this expressed purpose, then alerts the other firefighters by handheld radio. They then must make their way off the roof/out of the basement/upper floor etc. to the location of the engine/ladder (Many times this could be around the corner as to not block side streets). At this time, the firefighters must then don their Personal Protective Equipment (Bunker Gear), enter the rig and then may proceed to the alarm.


Anonymous said...

Please don't take the lack of comments in these updates as indications of disinterest. This info is greatly appreciated. Please keep it coming, EVFD! :)

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, anon... This is vital info to know...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grieve. Your blog is the ultimate EV source. And you know how worried and on edge everyone is about these fires, so this is deeply appreciated.

Question to anyone: I live in a Westbrook building. We don't even have fire alarms in the halls (the plastic frames they fit into are screwed to the common hallway ceilings, but the frames are empty -- no alarms). Calling 311 is fine to make a record of these things, but the fires have made me realize we cannot let this situation continue. What is the best thing to do? thanks in advance.