Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is this your abandoned Vespa on East 12th Street?

A reader notes that this Vespa has been chained to a tree here in the 500 block of East 12th Street for some time now ... Neighbors believe that the owner has abandoned the Vespa. The reader asks, "Is it illegal to chain Vespas to trees? Am I crazy for feeling bad for the tree?"

Probably a good thing this isn't parked on East Third Street.


Jill said...

It's a beautiful old bike.

Anonymous said...

It's illegal to leave anything chained to a tree. Call 311 and the city will remove it- might take a month or so.

ShutUpHooker said...

I'm sorry but I've learned to hate these Vespa/MC riders
They dump their rides wherever they want, like this douche who chained it to a tree, remove the plates and never fear of getting summonsed/towed.
Add to the fact that I see the vespas on bike lanes beeping at actual bikes to get out of their precious way.