Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your chance to bitch about discuss the M15 Select Bus Service tonight

As The Lo-Down reported, there's a CB3 transportation committee meeting tonight at 6:30 ... where officials from the city's Transportation Department will be on hand to discuss the now 8-month-old M15 Select Bus Service on First and Second Avenue... Plus! They want to hear from you! (You need to sign up beforehand...) The meeting is at the University Settlement's Houston Street Center, 273 Bowery.

The M15 has been a popular topic at EV Grieve, with healthy discussion here ... here ... and here.

I haven't heard much one way or another lately. As for me, well, I found it annoying at first. So I bought a car.


Anonymous said...

you do NOT need to sign up beforehand

Anonymous said...

The problems that seem most prominent are:

A: You have to make a choice of buying the ticket beforehand - you should be able to show that ticket to a regular bus driver instead, should you not get on the express.

B: You have to buy a ticket beforehand, so if you're just getting to the bus stop when it's arriving, you can't just get on. There needs to be a solution for that as well (Perhaps an on-board ticket machine, not at the front?)

Anonymous said...

They do the on board tickets in Europe- but do we want to spend more money on this when they are cutting teachers and library hours? I stand by the machine and if the M15 comes 1st I get my ticket while other people board before..

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

I've never understood the way the stops were allocated [other than a lot of ass kissing went into it]
Still don't understand why there isn't a stop on St. Marks & 2nd... but on 1st. Ave there are stops as close 4-5 blocks like 24th St. then 29th [I guess NYU must have some big luscious lips]