Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meanwhile, in Murray Hill

Well, outside our usual coverage area... But, a tipster sent along these photos from 4 a.m. outside Tonic East on Third Avenue at 29th Street, a three-level behemoth that Eater described as "a loudmouth bar."

We have no idea what happened. A fight? A fall?

Anyway, aren't you glad that we don't have bars like this in the East Village? Oh, wait...

[Updated: The tipster said that this was the result of a fistfight... this fellow got the worst of it, obviously]


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Ugh. That strip of singles bars on Third Ave in Murray Hill is like something outta Dante's Inferno even without blood running in the street.

Crazy Eddie said...


Anonymous said...

Ken Nailed it.

I sometimes walk down that Ave on a Fri / Sat night after work (about 35st to 23rd)
Makes weekend on Ave B btwn 2nd and 4th seem like a ghost town.

glamma said...

totally disgusting