Friday, September 9, 2011

And now, posts that we never got around to posting this summer

Well, I have nearly 1,100 half-started, half-finished, half-assed posts in the EVG hopper. They just weren't working for some reason. Or pointless. (Or more pointless than usual.) So now, in all their glory, here are some of those posts... with, perhaps, an explanation why I never posted them.



Well, as far as dog poop etiquette signs go, this was pretty blah.

Lordy. On what turned out to be my second-to-last time at the Mars Bar, a fellow was sitting by the door, dressed in a pink shirt, seemingly doing rather anything to draw attention to himself. We all figured he was a reporter trying to get some color for his article. He did get any. For more on Mars Bars and pink shirts, please revisit this post.

A shot of 115 St. Mark's Place enjoying its third gut renovation in as many years. I kinda forgot to ever post them.

Oh, a reader wanted to start a Tumblr with photos of people eating their food from Seventh Street restaurants on neighboring front stoops. I thought it was funny. But I never heard back from the person.

This was a pointless attempt at wondering out loud how Phebe's on the Bowery went from a hangout for William Burroughs and Terry Southern (circa 1978) ... a place for duffers and Cincinnati Bengals fans.

EV Grieve Technologically Advanced Form of Extraterrestrial Life Correspondent Bobby Williams took these shots at Tokio 7 on Seventh Street. We were worried that the Predator would break free, and disguise himself in that dress...

But it hasn't happened. Yet.

Is this the worst ad ever featuring a New York Yankee?

Mattress delivery gone amuck.

This opened on Essex Street earlier in the summer. And I told someone that this was Beauty & Essex.

I never did write a review of the new Hamptons Market on First Avenue at 13th Street.

A reader asked: Are the swimsuits in Tompkins Square Park getting skimpier...?

Or are we just getting older? He asked that question after sitting in the Park one weekend. He thought, for a moment, that he was somewhere else. I couldn't make it work without seeming like a perv for posting gratuitous butt shots. I would never do that.

Bobby Williams sent me these photos... of a bridal party in Tompkins Square Park. They were looking for a place to have their pictures taken.

But we think the rats scared them off before they took any photos.

Oh, this was going to be some jokey line about how small sandwich bags are getting. Not funny.

And the rest... random photos...

And I have about 1,065 left...


VH McKenzie said...

Never tire of the photos, half-assed posts accompanying them or not. The tiny "sandwich bag" was pretty funny, ev.

esquared said...

the sandwich bags are not getting smaller; the sandwiches are, but not the prices

if only those sunbathers knew who or what were laying in the grass before, they wouldn't be wearing such skimpy bathing suits

i used to love phebe's, esp. when it was a little rundown, had sawdust on the floor, and no tvs. these days, it's just like a bar in the uws, meatpacking district, or main st. collegetown in zenith u.s. of a. then again most of the bars in the ev are like those:

phebe's -- cincinnati bengals, red sox
village pourhouse -- vt hokies, georgia bulldogs, duke blue devils, kansas jayhawks
angels and kings -- penn state nittany lions
13th step -- tcu
professor thom’s -- all of michigan sports

et. als. ... (don't ask my how or why i know this)

trying to find a bar in the ev nowadays without the douchebaggery and noise and that doesn't resemble a frat party has become more difficult

Tom said...

I remain CRUSHED that photos of my "Hurricane Irene Flip-Flops" (the ones with the built-in flashlights) never made the cut. They actually came in handy as my Mom's house lost power for 40+ hours.

EV Grieve said...


Ah! Yes! I have those photos! Get sidetracked with so much Irene stuff. I need to post this in Posts That I Never Got Around to Posting II.

Marty Wombacher said...

Speaking of things you never got around to, when is the winner of the Christmas tree tossing contest going to be announced?

EV Grieve said...


Still waiting to hear back from Gruber. He is in town for Fashion Week.

Anonymous said...

Two college girls and one twin matttress. Hey now.

Enjoyed this hodgepodge post.

Marty Wombacher said...

@EV Grieve: I just Googled, "Fashion Week Gruber MacDougal and this is the first image that shows up!

Tell that son of a bitch we want to know who won and what they won!

Lindsay said...

Yes!!! All of these are great!! Now on with the remaining 1,065 haha!

Goggla said...

I'd say this sums up 2011 nicely.

Sprout said...

I encourage you to seize any opportunity to post pictures of William S. Burroughs! Especially in the service of commenting on the unpleasant nature of East Village bars and their fratty sportiness.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the Hamptons Market is the long dead carcass of my dear departed DiBella Brothers deli, home of the Stuyvesant Hero and the best fucking stuffed peppers ever known to man. Keeps reminding me how I hate gentrification.

Crazy Eddie said...

@Anony 8.57 PM. Wow, you are so correct, having DiBella Brothers was like having a small piece of Arthur Avenue in the EV. Loved the smell of that place. Sigh.

Tom said...

Was DiBella the old Italian deli that a very nice Asian couple took over and continued in the '80s? When did it close?

Sheryl said...

a few more posts like this and in 10 or so years you will be on to your next back log.