Monday, September 12, 2011

Are people in the East Village laughing at the homeless?

[Tribute for Liz on Avenue B via Bobby Williams]

On Saturday morning, we reported that a passerby found a woman's body outside St. Brigid's on Avenue B ... the police ID'd her as a woman in her 50s named Liz ...

The Post had this item in the NYPD Daily Blotter yesterday:

A homeless East Village woman was discovered dead yesterday morning, and police are investigating whether she died from a drug overdose.

The woman, believed to be 50, died on Avenue B near Tompkins Square Park and was found at about 8:50 a.m. by a passerby. There was no sign of trauma.

"She asked me why people ‘are laughing at me,'" said Chanel Clark, 35, who said she spoke to the distraught woman Thursday.

"She said, 'It's so rude the way people laugh at the homeless. It's so cruel.'"


nygrump said...

I dunno, the homeless kid who reads his books in the morning while laying in the recessed areas of the Indian restaurants makes me laugh - and the bums at the Middlegate Collegiate Church 2nd Ave and 7th St getting excited while they mix up their thunderbird cocktails in the morning make me laugh - but the homeless aren't funny by definition,

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh--it can be you!!

Maddy said...

This is very sad and heartbreaking. Not a nice way to leave this world.

Kimberley said...

@Anonymouse: I can absolutely declare without a doubt that it could never be me. Shooting drugs into your body is a choice... one I'll never make--homeless or not.