Friday, September 2, 2011

A Coney Island Blondie, and other photos in Bob Gruen's new book

[© Bob Gruen, 1977]

Rock 'n' roll photographer Bob Gruen has a new career-covering book out of his work, such as that photo of Debbie Harry at Coney Island in 1977. Abrams released the book yesterday. We're going to go find it at the St. Mark's Bookshop. Karate Boogaloo has more on it at stupefaction. Check out Gruen's website here.


BagelGuy said...

Ah Debra! You taught me there was more to life than baseball cards and Hardy Boy Mystery books. I'm forever grateful.

Crazy Eddie said...

She was and still is so frigging hot. Plus, she can actually sing.

JAZ said...

What a great photo - Coney Island before any thought of turning it into a suburban mall food court, Debbie looks amazing as always, and those cars were so classic - I loved those big boats.