Friday, September 16, 2011

Diablo Royale aiming to license basement bar

Also on Monday night's CB3/SLA committee agenda...

• Diablo Royale (East Village Café & Restaurant LLC), 167 Ave A (alt/op)

According to CB3 documents (PDF), Diablo Royale is hoping to: "license existing bar in basement; additional seating; relocate bathroom."

This could get interesting. The last time owner Jason Hennings came before the subcommittee, in November 2010, he blasted Avenue A residents for their "blasphemous lies." Hennings and his attorney were present to discuss a review of the stipulations that the bi-level Mexican eatery-saloonery agreed to prior to opening in May 2010.

Flashback to EVG coverage of that meeting:

Avenue A resident Andrew Coamey said that during the bar's Halloween party, Hennings allegedly approached him on the sidewalk ... that he would see him in 10 years and Coamey "would still be complaining about gentrification." At the time of the confrontation, Hennings was dressed as a gladiator.

After hearing a handful of residents speak out, Hennings called their claims "blasphemous lies." He apologized to the committee for being so upset, but that sitting there and hearing the residents was "angst provoking."

And here is the rest of the slate for the night. Right here.

Monday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m. JASA/Green Residence, 200 E. Fifth St. at Bowery.

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Anonymous said...

blasphemous |ˈblasfəməs|
sacrilegious against God or sacred things; profane : blasphemous and heretical talk.

Anonymous said...

So help me understand this family-friendly Mexican restaurant:
-He opens and throws a Boats and Hoes party for NYU kids that gets so out of control the cops have to break it up
-He throws a Halloween bash, dresses like a gladiator and gets into an argument with a resident and insults him
-He then insults the CB and residents at a CB meeting;
but he wants to get their approval to expand his ability to sell margaritas to yunnies until 2:30 am?

That's priceless.

Shawn Chittle said...

Build a bar, open it, then license it later? Uh, what?

How can a bar be open that isn't licensed? Shouldn't the NYPD shut this place down? Shouldn't the SLA have filed an injunction?

Where is the enforcement?

Anonymous said...


The basement space was built-out with a bar from the beginning. However, the basement never opened for business. Now, Diablo wants to open the bar to the public, which means they need to modify their existing license.

EVDJ said...


Just curious, why are you on such a tear against Diablo?

Kurt said...

@ Anon 1:42 - Not to nitpick but they will need an enitirely new liquor license to operate the downstairs bar not a modification to the exisiting license. Each bar must have it's own license.

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm at 173 Ave A and my apartment faces the back and i remember the nightmare of El Dar's back yard dining with their belly dancer. Does anyone else remember?
The best thing that happened this summer was that scaffolding went up in the rear yard of what looked like both 165 and 167 Ave. A. Anyway, the scaffolding being up blocked Diablo's door in the back, so for a couple of months it was quiet. Not anymore. The scaffolding has been removed, and the douche were in full swing last night. I don't know what is worse with this place the blasting lousy music and douchebags in the front or the douche in the back.

Nobody should use the backyard, and we shouldn't support anyone who does. I'm hoping that Bad Burger decides to not use the backyard.