Friday, September 16, 2011

Andre Balazs prepping to take over the Cooper Square Hotel

Last month, Hotel Chatter heard that hotelier Andre "Boom Boom" Balazs was taking over the troubled Cooper Square Hotel. As soon as now.

On Monday, the CB3/SLA committee holds its monthly funfest. And on the agenda: Cooper Square Hotel (CooperAB LLC) with a liquor license transfer.

According to CB3 documents (PDF):

There's Andre's name right there as the hotel's principal.

Anyway, as Curbed has noted the hotel has been on the block — with an asking price upwards of $80 million.

Brief Balazs background: Among other properties, he owns The Standard in the Meatpacking District. The hotel features the Boom Boom Room, or Top of the Standard, which likely has the toughest door policy in the city.

Anyway, what's all this mean for the Cooper and the neighborhood? Maybe nothing. Or, uh, full-frontal nudity.

But really. Per Guest of a Guest:

"Does this mean the east side is going to see the likes of the Boom Boom Room and Le Bain nightlife crowd? Le Bain was a prime and hot spot for Fashion Week parties last year and mostly this year's as well. After Balazs re-opened the Boom Boom room as a private club, Le Bain was positioned to pick up the pieces of the Boom Boom room's former existence. But it didn't quite fill the void.

"Will that happen with the Cooper Square Hotel? Certainly the top floor Cooper Square Hotel has the ability to be crafted as a replica of the Boom Boom room's fun palace. Could Balazs recreate the magic?"

Backsiders, get ready to give Andre a proper East Village welcome!


Mercury said...

Another reason to leave the East Village. :(

DHYS said...

Great...another nail in the coffin for the Bowery.

Bowery is now officially the meatpacking district circa 2000...all we need now is an apple store.

Brodsky Org said...

Let's try to look on the bright side! Maybe only great things (of good taste) can happen here on out on the East Side. We can hope for the best, right?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!!!!!!!!