Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The East Village pep talk diaries

Last Tuesday, we posted an email from a longtime East Village resident who was losing faith in the neighborhood. We asked for people to submit comments on the things that they like about the East Village. So far we're at 62 comments. Like this one:

Anonymous said...
I also highly recommend early-morning Sunday walks! Far east 14th, with storekeepers hosing the sidewalks. It's very peaceful. More to love:

St. Mark's Church in the Bowery

Chico murals and Jim the Mosaic Man

Trash & Vaudeville

East Village Books (St. Marks b/t 1st/A)

We'll periodically post some of the comments. Read all the comments here.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's me! Thanks! :)

I want to amend my submission to say Jim the Mosaic Man AND Jesse Jane (such a sweet-faced pup and loyal companion).

Also, all the little kids skipping happily up 14th from D, C, B toward 1st Ave with their moms and dads in the morning on their way to school, and then all rambunctious outside the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the afternoon. I love our local wee ones.

esquared said...

i agree with the early sunday morning walks. however, it used to be that one can enjoy a morning, afternoon, and evening walks, not just on a sunday morning. quel dommage

Goggla said...

The turtles in the 6th St Community garden always swim up to me and say hi when I visit. You can't beat that. :)