Saturday, September 3, 2011

The power of the dark side: Did you take a Darth Vader bag last night from Manitoba's?

Via Craigslist:

Darth Vader bag taken from Manitoba's bar - w4m (Lower East Side)

Date: 2011-09-03, 6:32AM EDT

I'm a bartender at Manitoba's. A friends bag was taken while she was sitting at the bar on Friday night on September 2nd. Whether it was taken by accident or not is not really important. There was no money or profitable property so there is nothing to gain. However there was an important notebook, keys and an important form. I'm offering a reward of $50 no questions asked if you drop the bag by the bar for Xandra. Thank you

Uncool. And, alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory.

I recommend returning the bag.



Morgan Tsvangirai said...

"Somebody stole my bag???"

EV Grieve said...



Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

When I first moved to NYC, I supported myself tending bar on the UWS, and every once in a while, this kind of thing would happen. To avoid the kind of mess that a stolen handbag creates, women should keep their handbags on their laps, not hanging off the backs of chairs or on the floor. Bags on the backs of chairs are low hanging fruit to people who lift handbags in bars/restaurants for a living.

Anonymous said...

better idea - don't carry a bag if possible. do you really need to lug every possession you have with you for a night out at a bar? bring essentials and put them in your pockets: cel, wallet & lipstick. hang your key off your belt loop. done.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

I left my bag at a bar once after heading there straight from work. When I realized it the next day, I called the bar and they still had it. When I picked it up it, had everything in it except the book I was reading. I didn't mind though because the book was about addiction medicine so it could be helpful to whichever customer/worker that took it.