Monday, September 19, 2011

Will Life Cafe be split in two?

As we first reported, Life Cafe on Avenue and 10th Street closed on Sept. 11 ... closed "until further notice." As owner Kathy Kirkpatrick said:

I’m doing this due to issues around building repairs the landlords were supposedly going to complete one year ago. Until the landlords complete the repairs, I will remain closed.

In this week's issue, The Villager has more details. As the paper points out, the sidewalk shed and scaffolding have been covering Life's sidewalk cafe for more than a year. Meanwhile, exterior renovations have yet to start.

Making this more challenging — Life "spans a space belonging to two different buildings with two different landlords whose dispute over the price of the work contract has prevented construction from starting," according to The Villager. (I sort of outlined this in the photo above.)

One of the landlords is Robert Perl of Tower Brokerage, who "was reluctant to explain all the details in the press."

"We’re in the process of trying to work this out," he said. "Life Cafe is an iconic and great restaurant, and I'd love to see it be a part of the East Village for the next 30 years."

Meanwhile, the rumor is that the landlords will simply split up the Life space into two storefronts. Again — just a rumor.

Read the whole Villager piece here.

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