Monday, September 19, 2011

What are the chances that Andre Balazs shows up for tonight's CB3/SLA meeting?

On Friday, we pointed out that famed hotelier Andre Balazs is taking over the Cooper Square Hotel. Tonight, the Coop appears before the CB3/SLA committee for a liquor license transfer.

A reader asks, "What are the chances that Andre Balazs shows up for the meeting?"

Hmm, haven't thought about it.

On one hand, it would certainly be a neighborly gesture. Show up and make a good-faith appearance. Share what his plans are. Meet the neighbors. Show that he's just one of the guys. Say nice things to Susan Stetzer.

But, in reality, isn't this what minions are for? You really think someone as busy and powerful and Chelsea Handler dating as Andre Balazs is really going to show up for a community board meeting?

(Keith McNally showed up for a Community Board 2 meeting last year. But he just owns restaurants, not hotels.)

Regardless, keep an eye out for him. Here's what he looks like:

Oops! Sorry. That's my 1977 Topps card of Richie Zisk.

Here is Andre on the left with Jordan Catalano Jared Leto from the other week:


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