Saturday, October 13, 2012

A celebration of Donald Suggs' life tomorrow night at Eastern Bloc

Via Facebook:
Dear friends and loves of Donald,

We're having a party at one of his favorite places, Eastern Bloc, to commemorate his life. If you like, come with stories — you'll have a chance to tell them. Come with love, because he'd want you to share it. And come prepared to celebrate, not just to mourn. With drinks. And mariachis.

As you know, Donald was also a tireless activist. Please consider donating to some of the causes that were dearest to him:

One Iowa

Grassroots Leadership

The celebration starts at 5. Eastern Bloc is on East Sixth Street ... just east of Avenue A.

Suggs, a longtime East Village resident who worked at Exit 9 on Avenue A, died last weekend of an apparent heart attack. He was 51.

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