Monday, October 8, 2012

Changes coming to Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street

On Friday, a tipster noted that the Forum had a "closed for renovations" sign on the door ... and the bar on Fourth Avenue near East 13th Street remained closed for the weekend...

Meanwhile, in April, a retail listing went up for the Forum's neighbors, the Dryden Gallery and Brothers Deli... (The Dryden moved to another block in August.)

Here's the latest from our tipster, who heard that:

"Dryden is to become a pizza place. Deal is done and they are building out now. Forum is to become another club .. Brothers Deli is leaving at the end of November. Negotiations are ongoing but it is almost certainly to become a restaurant."

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BabyDave said...

Wow, That (somewhat stinky, sorry) deli has been there for, seemingly, forever.