Thursday, October 11, 2012

East Side faculty returning to vacated school for quick supplies grab tonight

On Sept. 24, students and faculty at the East Side Community School on East 12th Street had to evacuate when part of the building's eastern wall was found to be separating from the rest of the structure.

Since then, the some 650 displaced students have been relocated to other schools in the city... Students and faculty had to leave on the 24th before they could collect all their supplies, technology, etc. (Find out how you can help them with donations here.)

However, as DNAinfo's Serena Solomon reports, East Side Principal Mark Federman has arranged with city officials to return tonight with some of his teachers to collect as much instructional equipment as they can.

"We are only going to get a couple of hours," he told DNA. "We will tag and box everything, and then the movers will take it from here."

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Anonymous said...

There was just a story on NY1 a few minutes ago saying that these problems have been known by the DOB for at least a year now. They are noted in reports filed that far back. Scary that nothing was done before now.