Saturday, October 20, 2012

East Village dipping alert

The Post has a piece today about "[o]rganized bands of thieves ... targeting East Village partiers."

Pickpockets using a three-man system called "dipping" have been plaguing clubs, authorities and club employees said.

The NYPD made an arrest in connection with a dipping incident at Bowery Electric. The article also quotes Kevin Lynch, the owner of Solas, who said "he and his employees twice have helped nab thieves they spotted."

Lynch has beefed up his security team on weekends to combat the scourge.

Meanwhile, we have also seen an increase in dipping around here...

Well, an increase in dippin' ...


BT said...

A term I didn't know was "legal" from the post article:

New York Penal - Article 165 - § 165.25 Jostling

§ 165.25 Jostling.
A person is guilty of jostling when, in a public place, he
intentionally and unnecessarily:
1. Places his hand in the proximity of a person's pocket or handbag;
2. Jostles or crowds another person at a time when a third person's
hand is in the proximity of such person's pocket or handbag.
Jostling is a class A misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Lynch should do something about his drunken Solas patrons turning 9th Street into a vomitorium on Friday and Saturday nights.