Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EV Grieve Eatery Etc.: Taureau owner bringing new concept to East Seventh St.; Local 269 looks done

A few weeks ago, we noted that Taureau, the BYOB fondue place at 127 E. Seventh St., moved away from the East Village. The eatery relocated to 558 Broome St. Meanwhile, workers have been sanding the floors and painting the exterior and what not.

Now our friends at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop a few storefronts away report that a familiar face is returning... the owner of Taureau, Didier Pawlicki, will open another French bistro in the space... and he hopes to have it up and running soon.


[Last month]

Unfortunately, it looks like the end of Local 269, the live music venue on East Houston and Suffolk. A flood apparently KO'd their sound system. Per a reader: "Recently they were having a hard time making ends meet and paying their bills/liquor distributors and I once [saw] the manager carting in cases of beer from a local bodega."

And now, a "To be Determined" applicant is on the CB3/SLA October docket.


And at the incoming Entrez on Second Avenue ... we won't have to worry about dueling phone numbers: Blue Glass notes that workers have painted the awning black... Meanwhile, they open in the next few days...


glamma said...

oh f*CK NO, so sorry to hear this about local 269!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another live music venue bites the dust. That shit don't pay the bills I guess.