Friday, October 12, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

Did the D.O.E. ignore cracks in walls at East Side Community High School? (The Villager)

City Council OKs SPURA plan (BoweryBoogie) ... Bloomy's reaction (The Lo-Down)

A call for statewide gun control measures outside Campos Plaza (The Villager)

Bike lanes mean business for the East Village (Streetsblog)

Marching with Honk! on First Avenue (Animal NY)

"Boss" actor Jeff Hephner's East Village, where he lives with his wife in her childhood home on East Fourth Street (The Daily News)

Hospitality industry will soon be the city’s No. 1 employer (The New York Times)

Campaign to shutter two XXX shops in Chelsea (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

WNYC checks in with local reaction about the new East Village/Lower East Side Historic District, including this soundbite:

"Have you ever come down here to grab a drink and seen all the heroin addicts walking around, and seen how bad a neighborhood it actually really is?" said Richard Dawson, a server at the Sidewalk Café. He doesn’t see much charm in the East Village. The 22-year old shook his head, "there’s a lot of homeless people around here and a big heroin scene still."

And on East Sixth Street near Schwimmer Manor, the new coffee shop opened today ... a family run place called Elsewhere Espresso...

The sign as well as a small menu will arrive next week, per a reader on the block. You can read more about the place at the Local.


Glenn Belverio said...

Go back to Idaho, Richard Dawson.

Anonymous said...

Last night of Honk festivities is tonight in Gowanus:

abrod said...

I was cooking dinner the other night when I could've sworn I heard a marching band going by and after being momentarily freaked that I had either ingested a psychotropic substance or was having a stroke, saw these guys going by. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

51 Astor Place fuck you. Way to block out the sun ya creep.

Anonymous said...

So the neighborhood is good enough for Daniel Craig and David Schwimmer but not Richard Dawson?

Goggla said...

I tried Elsewhere Espresso today. Nice people and the coffee was very good.

Anonymous said...

If it's near Schwimmer Estates, I might have to go "elsewhere" for my espresso

Uncle Waltie said...

The Richard Dawson douche bags of the neighborhood are driving me to heroin.