Saturday, October 13, 2012


A reader sent this in via Facebook...

Saturday October 13th is the 3rd day of New York Comic Con. It also happens to be a damn good day to drink, eat, and generally party your way through the East Village.

How do we resolve the simultaneous occurrence of these 2 extraordinary events?

By throwing NYC's First COMIC CRAWL!

There will be food. There will be drinks. There will be mayhem. There will be Comics!
*There will NOT be blood.

Featuring many of the East Village's coolest spots.
- Idle Hands Bar
-Destination Bar
-Billy Hurricane's
-Fresco Gelateria
-Professor Thom's
-Wechsler's Currywurst & Bratwurst
-La Lucha
-Otto's Shrunken Head
-Jimmy's No. 43
-East Village Tavern
-Double Down Saloon

DNAinfo featured this pub crawl here.

Anyone else getting really tired of this kind of shit?


Goggla said...

I'm really disappointed to see a couple of particular places on this list. And yes, really tired of this crap all the time, which is making the area unlivable.

dwg said...

Just once how about the upper eastside, upper westside, midtown, bloomberg's front lawn pub crawl?

Daho said...

I seriously want to punch each one of them in the face.

Crazy Eddie said...

Really sorry to see Otto's Shrunken Head on the list. If I ever see the B. Cove on any of these lists, kill me now.

blue glass said...

in october susan stetzer (district manager cb#3) responded to a letter complaining about the disruptive bar crawls.
this is part of her response.

...In the last year at least, and probably several years, there has not been a single complaint by any resident regarding a pub crawl. If there were a complaint by a resident that lived in impacted area of a crawl—we would put this business on the agenda at renewal at the very minimum.
I will bring your email to Alex. But, the first thing the committee would ask is how many complaints we get about specific pub crawls being a problem—and the answer would be none. I cannot understand why people impacted do not complain. This is also never brought up at police precinct meetings. Possibly you have some ideas on why people impacted by these pub crawls don’t complain?..


CB#3, 59 east 4th street, NYC 10003

212 533 5300

Anonymous said...

Does this have anything to do with the rooftop performance currently happening on a building on East 13th between Second & Third Avenues? One fratty-looking guy with a guitar and massive speakers, and three drinking buddies.

shmnyc said...

I don't know why anyone would be surprised to see any of the names on this list. These are bars, not exhibits in the LES Museum. For me, this is more a issue of promoting binge drinking than a problem of who's buying or selling.

Anonymous said...

From the creator of this brilliant idea "I am working with places I think are the coolest places in the area," said Adam Weiss, who has lived in the East Village for the past five years.

I wish I knew where this guy lived so I could pee on his apartment door and vomit in his hallway.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem with any of the clowns at these pub crawls, but the retards smashing drums in the "Hungry March" band can go ahead and drop dead rather than banging their drums and waking us up. PS - they should learn how to play their instruments before marching with them.

Anonymous said...

This (promotional??) line sums up the weekend NYC bar culture: "There will be mayhem".

That's why I stay in on the weekends unless I'm working. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays are good nights to go out for a drink...

Once the weekend approaches, the functional average IQ at bars drops to subhuman levels.

- East Villager

Uncle Waltie said...

I crawled home from my pub last night...sort of a one-man-pub-crawl. Forgive my, oh dear neighborhood. I won't do it again until tomorrow...hopefully you'll be home from church by then.

Uncle Waltie said...

I love bar-crawls, for they're very predictable as to time and place of operation...and...they make it possible for my favorite drinking places to stay in business. Just my $ 0.02, of course.

blue glass said...

uncle wallie
crawl away alone or with others.
just don't vomit, turn over garbage cans or scream at the person right next to you.
it's not the drinking that is causing problems, it's the dumb asses that don't know how to live around humans.
and please, don't worry about others, church goers or not.

Lambda Lambda Lambda said...

Did this actually happen? Anyone has pics? And if this did happen, this would've been pretty tame compared to the weekend nights in the EV, and nowhere like the other more obnoxious regular bar crawls. And I can understand why Otto's is in this list -- somewhat fits with the theme of the pub crawl. Outside of these conventions and fantasy shops, I thought nerds usually stay home and play dungeons and dragons and video games esp. that World of Warcraft? [comment brought to you by former and recovering nerd]