Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When marching bands march: A Cavalcade of Pomp tonight on East Village streets

From the EV Grieve inbox...

The New York HONK! Festival continues tonight with the East Village Cavalcade of Pomp.

Seven bands descend upon the Lower East Side.
Step-off at 7:30 pm from seven different locations around the neighborhood.

Environmental Encroachment (Chicago)
Two Boots Avenue A — 42 Avenue A and Third Street

Stumblebum Brass Band
Two Boots Pizza — 74 Bleeker Street

Pink Puffers Brass Band (Rome)
The Bean — 147 1st Avenue at 9th street

Minor Mishap Marching Band (Austin, Texas)
The Bean — 54 2nd Ave at 3rd street

Hungry March Band
Lower East Side Girls Club — 56 E1st between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave

Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Times Up /MORUS — 155 Ave C between 9th and 10th St

After Party at The Delancey Lounge with a Performance by The Himalayas
168 Delancey Street
Happy Hour prices from 8:30 to 10:30 pm with wristband
Doors: 8:30pm / No Cover – Donations Requested

The New York Times had more bout the Honk! Festival yesterday here.


Anonymous said...

The Delancey is a douchery! Read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

"Dance and make merry in the streets of NYC as you follow them! Afterparty at The Delancey" I am sure the residents who live above and next door to the Delancey will appreciate marching bands coming down the street and then up to the roof top of the Delancey. The folks who live above and next door to the Delancey have had enormous problems since the Delancey opended and had the audacity to install a roof-top deck and pump music up from the DJ booth below. These people's windows are right above this deck and they and their windwos were there before the Delancey. So I don't understand why MORUS and the Girl's Club would be involved in an event that is tied to the Delancey, a lounge that has shown nothing but disrespect to the residents who live there?

Uncle Waltie said...

Welcome to New York City - Now go home!

Cookiepuss said...

Um.... The Delancey Lounge is owned by Aleksandra Drozd and Tomasz Dyszkiewicz.
They are also the owners of the DL(Down Low), formerly the "Ludlow Manor" along with Paul Seres. Talk about doucheries......Paul Seres was originally hired as a consultant to help save this three floor hipster shit-show "The Ludlow Manor". The Community Board gladly approved a liquor license for all three floors and an enclosed roof deck. The Delancey has an open roof deck. I guess it's because these establishments have been such a nuisance to the community that the Community Board supported the liquor license renewal for The Delancey and awarded the DL(Down Low) with a liquor license on each floor, as opposed to the one license they had on the ground floor. Paul Seres promised to turn the place around and rid it of its bad reputation. Well it's now apparently worse than ever.

Paul Seres and Aleksandra Drozd are applying to take over The Porch on Avenue C. This new place will only be two floors and a basement with an outside patio on the second floor. They will be serving Foie Gras, Bone Marrow and all kinds of shit. There is an updated version of their application on the CB3 Liquor License Application Questionnaire. It's a fun read.

One of the tactics of the Bloomberg Administration has been to take over the streets with round the clock simultaneous events, and whimsical public art. This is a good way to flood the streets with tourists and all kinds of jackasses. It helps to support bad landlords and bad businesses too. It's also a good way to homogenize the different neighborhoods, push out long time residents, and distract from what is actually going on.

Well our neighborhood businesses and landlords have taken the same approach, which is - to take control over the parks and public spaces(i.e., with events, movies and what not), to take control of the arts (get the artists on the wrong side), to get on the boards of local arts organizations, community boards, housing and other non-profits, to give free stuff to charities and arts organizations, and to give shit loads of money to local politicians so that they will shut their mouths up.

If the landlords/developers/restaurant/lounge owners can control all and everything listed above, then they can continue to demolish buildings, destabilize apartments, bring in asshole establishments, change the demographic, and nobody will say nothing.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am grateful that a bunch of starving musicians are lugging their instruments to the barren wastes of the post-gentrification East Village to reclaim public space and make music for free and generally bring the weird and the art and the beauty back to the old nabe, and I am imposing a moratorium on grumbling about noisy Yunnies or whatever for the duration of the evening. And wearing earplugs when I go to hear some music, 'cause yes, Virginia, brass bands are hella loud