Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why yes — you can rent an apartment on East Fifth Street between A and B for $13,500 a month now

[EVG file photo]

Back in June, we ran a very similar headline about a showcase-y apartment at the new 532 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B. A new apartment was asking a rather incredible $13,000 for rent. The listing didn't have many details. And it sort of disappeared... But it returned Thursday to Streeteasy.

Now, there are so many details, the listing at No Fee Rentals is exploding with ALL CAPS!

OUTSTANDING ONE OF A KIND DUPLEX APARTMENT with your very own THREE LEVEL PRIVATE PLANTED ZEN GARDEN. The main level of this amazing apartment home features an open chef’s kitchen and dining room bathed in southern light overlooking your private garden, a spacious queen sized bedroom and a stone tiled bathroom. The garden level features a huge living room with stone floors, an additional half bath, in unit washer and dryer and access to the STUNNING THREE LEVEL GARDEN that must be seen to be believed. All located in a brand new luxury rental property in the heart of the trendy EAST VILLAGE.

Oddly enough, as luxurious as all this sounds ... the listing is accompanied by a handful of photos someone shot with the the fisheye setting (Walleye Vision!)

Or maybe we're supposed to imagine how this all looks through the front door's peephole.

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Gojira said...

That is one ugly-ass floor. I'd be giving it the fish-eye too.

Shawn Chittle said...

Hahahahahahahah I just can't stop laughing.



Goggla said...

You're going to need a zen garden if you're going to be bleeding money like that.

Gene Rubbico said...

I wouldn't rent that place for $200 a month.

Lindsay said...

And so close to a variety of 7-11s? What a steal!

Anonymous said...

my 4th street apartment overlooks this "zen garden". missing the parking alley that opened up onto 5th, the trees, etc., which will surely be replaced by specialty cocktail drinking and weber-grilling bankers.

Thurston Howell III said...

Grieve: Great timing on this post. I was just about to sign the lease on a East 9th street triplex that comes with a micro wave for $8,750 a month. But now I have to seriously consider this apartment that boasts a zen garden in,"The Trendy East Village". You can't put a price tag on "Trendy"

Lista86 said...

They have the same recessed lighting at The Dolphin gym.


Anonymous said...

I was in that building in 2010 when they were asking $650K for a 1BR sale. Incredibly ordinary and cheap. Do people really want to live with US that badly?

Anonymous said...

So a patio is now a "zen garden". Got it.