Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rebranded P.S. 64 up for grabs: Please welcome University House at Tompkins Square Park to the neighborhood

I'm doing a little guest-blogging at Curbed this week. A version of this post appears there too.

Add another chapter to the long, complicated story of the old P.S. 64/CHARAS/El Bohio community center -- now known as University House at Tompkins Square Park. According to marketing materials (PDF) that HelmsleySpear is circulating, the landmarked space at 350 East 10th Street (and an aside, the rebranding includes not using the 605 E. Ninth St. address):

[I]s currently undergoing a complete renovation including new building systems, core and shell. The property is zoned R8-B. The property is ideal for schools, universities, museums, college dormitories, medical offices, hospital, foundations, nonprofit institutions and related facilities.

Ownership will consider all offers to lease or purchase the entire building. In addition, ownership will consider the creation of a “building-within-building” allowing for multiple entrances and uses within the property, including the possibility of leasing individual floors and selling portions of the building as a
commercial condominium.

No mention anywhere of Gregg Singer, the building's owner who unsuccessfully tried for years to get his megadorm project off the ground. This past spring, Singer told The Villager that he's still an investor, but he had moved "onto other stuff." Meanwhile, one longtime P.S. 64 watcher said many of these new plans for the site have been moving forward without the knowledge of the East Village power brokers.

For more on the efforts to save P.S. 64 and its history:
East Village Community Coaltion: Save our School

And a few photos of the old P.S. 64 from a few weeks back...


Laura Goggin Photography said...

How is it possible that NYU hasn't snapped this up?

elkue said...

Please please please don't let this happen!

We need it back as a REAL community center.

ak said...

'eh, while walking dogface last week i passed by and saw the scaffolding/fence/whateveritscalled door open. obviously, i peered inside. didnt see anyone but did see a work order for the demolition of the interior walls (tho not supporting-structural walls). i *think* the stop work date is in september.

[note: i cannot remember if this happened this week or last week or the week before. therefore, my stop work date of sept may be incorrect. time and i arent pals]

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how the work permit was attained, must be plans and must be towards some end, or you cannot get a work permit. seems strange that this is happening quietly, when everytime before there was a larger consultation process involved.