Friday, October 22, 2010

33 endangered, threatened sea turtles released into Gulf waters

Early last evening.

(And yes, I know the headline doesn't match the photo...)


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Every time I walk by, these tables are empty, but the ones at Pulinos are full. I've never eaten at either place, so don't know anything about the food, but if I had to choose which stinky/noisy corner of this intersection to eat at, it would be this one. It's set further back from Houston and the Liz Christy garden is a few feet away.

Not that any of this means doesn't, but I think these tables would get more love if they moved around the corner, down the block to Mars Bar. Imagine the wonderful outside dining for the Pink Shirts there! It would be just like Paris!

Anonymous said...

I swear I'll eat at one of the DBGB outdoor tables just for you, EV Grieve. I'll photograph myself while at it and send it to you! :)