Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remembering Eddie Graham

On this day in 2008, Eddie Graham passed away.

[Photo by Bob Arihood]

You probably saw Eddie. He lived under a Linden tree — year-round — in front of 195 E. Fourth St., just a little east of Avenue A. He seemed to be there for years. I have no idea how many. Then one day he was gone. Another character in our daily lives who had suddenly vanished. Bob Arihood wrote about Eddie's life and death at Neither More Nor Less. You can read that here. You can read about one of his dreams here.

Today, Eddie's garden that he tended under the Linden tree is gone. There's just soil there now. But if you look at the tree in front of 195 E. Fourth St., a little above eye level, there's a rusted metal plaque screwed into the tree that reads "Eddie's Garden."


glamma said...

rest in peace eddie. i hope your spirit still hangs on east 4th.

Bowery Boy said...

Sorry to hear about Eddie. Also, don't know if you're interested, but I understand that La Mama passed away last night.

EV Grieve said...

@Bowery Boy

I'm sorry to hear that. I think Ellen was 92? 93? She had been in failing health in recent years.

blue glass said...

there was an ellen stewart on google, that died in oklahoma, but it certainly didn't sound like lamama.
anybody know?

Lisa said...

Yes, our Ellen died. You can find the link to an obit here:

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa said...

There's more links up now:

blue glass said...

yes, unfortunately
she helpled everyone
during the year of the child we (floyd, me, goles) created - secretly - a semi youth hostile on a then vacant floor of the sirovich senior center to house young adults involved with la mama.
beds, matresses and sheets came from hotels discarding them.
if somebody took the elevator up to the vacant floor the found the door locked and the lights out.
it was a hoot.
ellen gave goles our first office - the 6th floor of her loft on great jones street.
there will never be another like her.