Monday, June 6, 2011

The Economakis Mansion's latest feature: Branded Plywood!

Last Thursday and Friday, I did a little guest-posting at Curbed. Here is an item from late Friday afternoon...

Renovations continue at the Economakis Mansion at 47 E. Third St., the former site of a bitter tenant battle. Although it has been nearly two years since the 15-unit tenement emptied out to make way for a jumbo single-family home, the eviction wounds are still fresh.

Which is one reason why EconoWatchers are keeping an eye out for the slightest development, fueling rumors of a private garage along the way. Meanwhile, there is one new item to note: The Economakis-branded plywood. Rather stately, don’t you think?

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Anonymous said...

If you live in one of their buildings, check to see if they are getting the J51 tax abatement on it. Your apartment is Rent Stabilized and shouldn't be market value.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. If a building is getting the
J-51 tax abatement then individual tanants can sue and have their rents reversed back to the stabakized rent. There are also a number of Westbrook/Magnum buildings that are J-51. It is illegal to charge market rate if you are under J-51.

Westbrook/Magnum( J-51) buildings
516/518 E. 13th Street
165/167 Avenue A
191 Avenue A
211 Avenue A

Anonymous said...

Let's spread the word on this! Landlords are getting away with murder charging outrageous rents and breaking the law!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Hells Angels were the ones doing the raping on that block. Poor guys. They don't even have a bench now.

I saw the sign when I visted my buddies at the Catholic Worker. Unfortunately, I do not carry the spray paint can which was ubiquitous in my 20s. This could be an MONUMENTAL art project neh?

Speaking of rape, has anyone seen the prices at Veselka these days? Grilled cheese 8 bucks - what?

Anonymous said...

Also, if you are suing for rent overcharge - don't to ask for treble punitive damages! It's the law baby. (Punk rocker before, lawyer now.)

Anonymous said...

Where can I check if my building's under J 51? Any help's appreciated.

El Satánico said...

If you're in Manhattan:

Anonymous said...

That should be: DON'T FORGET TO SUE FOR TREBLE DAMAGES - overcharging deserves punishment.

Also, may I make a modest Ekonakical suggest. Anyone that passes by, why don't you just contribute a little something. Doesn't have to be paint. Could be snot or spit, chewing gum (a little dab of menstrual blood is always nice) you know - anything you got handy. Just give.

Yours truly,
Anonymous 1:23 and 1:25
I love that, it sounds like verses of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

These people are an Economockery of landlord tenant law.

Anonymous said...

It's a mail slot.