Saturday, June 4, 2011

S'MAC taking over for Veselka at the First Avenue/Houston kiosk

An outpost of macaroni-and-cheesers S'MAC is replacing Veselka in the First Avenue/Houston kiosk, Patrick Hedlund reports this morning at DNAinfo.

Veselka, which will vacate at the end of June, has manned this space the last five years. The city’s Parks Department put out a request for proposals in January for a new food vendor, Crain's reported.



Becca said...

I love Veselka but HOTDAMN I'm excited about this.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who takes it over - as long as they have $2 iced coffee on my walk to the train. I wouldn't mind a little mac and cheese in the AM though..

Marty Wombacher said...

I love S'MACS cheeseburger mac and cheese. May have to stop there tonight.

Anonymous said...

hamburger helper is twice as good and half the price

esquared™ said...

like the alpine and parisienne at smac/ hope they'll have the same menu, and not a limited one, as the one on 12th street

will the park also close when smac closes?

blue glass said...

there is a great mac & cheese place two blocks south of macy's on 7th avenue
so much better than smac
oh well, at least they're local

Marty Wombacher said...

@Blue Glass: If you think of the name of the place please post it, I work around there and would like to try it.

blue glass said...

i'll find the menu that i took home
they deliver down here if you spend enough
i don't go to macy's often
it's an unattractive fast food looking place, with lots of red and yellow and plastic seats
but great mac & cheese
i'll find the menu tomorrow

Anonymous said...

marty - here it is

348 7th avenue
(29-30 sts)
212 760 1900
fax 212 760 1902
7 days 11am-11pm

i sure hope they are still there - i crave their caramelized onions, gruyere and applewood smoked bacon - bacon added to their "French Onion"
i guess a trip is soon for me

Marty Wombacher said...

@blue glass: Anonymous 9:14 AM found it, I'll check it out this week. Thanks to both of you, I'll check them out this week!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....gimmick food or real food? I love mac & cheese, one of my favorite foods, but I ate at S'mac once not long after they opened and while I liked it OK I haven't bothered to go back (and I live almost around the corner). On the other hand, year-in year-out I have been going to Veselka for over 30 years. The difference is that they have a real menu with real food, not a 1-trick pony gimmick.

AC said...

smac is comfort food for the frat bros and sorority sisters. Say what you want about veselka, at least it's authentic NYC food and not imported from suburbia.

blue glass said...

that was me
gusss i forgot to sign my comment

cheese said...

@AC: Ooh, now there's a cheesy stereotype!

Jill said...

I like s'mac enough, but it is kind of strange to give a vendor with such a limited menu this prime location. I would think that something a little more broad would be more appropriate.

Marty Wombacher said...

@blue glass: Thanks, I'll check it out, I love mac and cheese!

@AC: You think mac and cheese is not authentic NYC food? Well, tell it to every soul food restaurant in Harlem where mac and cheese is a staple. And it's not about Veselka vs. S'MAC, unless I have facts wrong, Veselka is simply moving out and S'MAC is taking the space. What's so funny about cheese, love and understanding? Long live Veselka and S'MAC!

T.E.V.B. said...

Re: Supermac discussion in this thread (on 7th Ave b/wn 29th/30th), it's closed, it's now a vegetarian something or other (i work a block away).

I'll miss the Veselka kiosk - nice place to pick up a coffee.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that's a strange vendor to put there.

I also agree with the above commenter "smac is comfort food for the frat bros and sorority sisters. Say what you want about veselka, at least it's authentic NYC food and not imported from suburbia."

It's a subtlety only noticed by minds like us.

christopher said...

Oh man... now I've seen it all. "True native NY cred" has now been applied to... food? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You really need a better cause, "bro"!

The only thing funnier post than that is this one:

"It's a subtlety only noticed by minds like us."

Ahhhhhh....... I'm outta breath I can't laugh any more! You guys need a TV show. Really! I am *not* kidding!

It's be like Archie Bunker in the EV, railing against mac 'n cheese. Ratings gold!

blue glass said...

T.E.V.B. said...

thanks for letting posting that supermac is gone from 7th avenu - i was thinking about going there after i posted their address. i sure liked their mac.
i guess i'll have to make my own now since i don't know any other places that make a good mac & cheese at a reasonable price.
i wonder if supermac moved some place else.