Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Enough is enough: 316 E. Sixth St. was the fourth pre-Civil War townhouse to be destroyed in the last year

While on the topic of 331 E. Sixth St., which is between First Avenue and Second Avenue ... as the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) noted, this is the fourth pre-Civil War building in the East Village to be demolished in the past year.

The others: 326 and 328 E. Fourth St. and 35 Cooper Square. Meanwhile, 316 E. Third St. is next on the kill list to make way for a luxury apartment building.

So let's send it right to GVSHP:

Enough is enough! The demolition of 331 East 6th Street only highlights the urgent need for landmark protections in the East Village. Several months ago the Landmarks Preservation Commission proposed two historic districts in the East Village, a critical first step in preserving the neighborhood's significant historic architecture. However, the Commission has given us no information as to when they will hold a public hearing on the proposed districts (the second of three official steps in the landmarking process). While we wait, more and more of the neighborhood's complex and colorful history is being destroyed.

How to Help:

Send a letter to the Landmarks Preservation Commission urging them to hold a public hearing on the East Village Historic Districts and calendar 316 East 3rd Street. A sample letter may be found HERE. Please send copies of all letters to


JaneD said...

In sending this email I got an OOO response stating if my email was important I would need to resend it when our fair GVSHP rep was back in the office after September 8.
That response also included several other contacts...
Suggestions for the presently angered who may accidentally drop this from their to-do's next Monday?

Dana/GVSHP said...

Your email was received, Jane. GVSHP staff is back in the office and we appreciate your letters! Each one helps!

Crazy Eddie said...

Just emailed my copy letter (PDF) to GVSHP. Everyone, let's pls get on board this campaign ASAP. Thanks

Gotham Observer said...

If what goes up in it's place is a single family home I suggest acts of resistance against the owner. Who, other than a total duche, would move to a block of historic row houses, tear one down and put up what I can only assume will be a glass box. No one, no one other than a total duche.