Monday, September 12, 2011

This morning at the Mystery Lot

Uh-oh! Workers arrived at the scene ... However, well-placed Mystery Lot sources believe the work is being done on the Kiehl's building on the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue here... and not the Mystery Lot... Photo by Shawn Chittle.


argie said...

I'm a little concerned because last Thursday or Friday I saw a group of 8 or so business-y looking guys standing outside the mystery lot, looking in, pointing at things, and having a discussion...I tried to hear what they were saying but couldn't linger long enough to catch anything. Very very worrisome!

By the way, Mystery Lot guys...thanks for cutting the grass but leaving the piles of glass by the fence along the sidewalk! I mean literally piles.

Mystery Lot, please stay mysterious!!! The thought of another huge ugly construction project is UNBEARABLE!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't businessmen looking at the lot. It was a group of undercover G-Men having a look at the last known whereabouts of last year's ET.