Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UCBeast opens tonight on Avenue A

From the EV Grieve inbox... This is from a reader who found it somewhere... I didn't see anything about the opening at the UCB website as of 4:15 p.m.

It gives me great joy to be able to announce that UCB’s long awaited East Village venue — UCBeast — will be open as of tonight at 7:30 pm. A new website will be forthcoming in the near future.

Please come check out the new space (155 E. 3rd Street and Avenue A). There is an attached bar (The Hot Chicks Room), where we’ll be serving soft drinks to start out and beer and wine soon.
The theatre itself is a beautiful 124 seat space, totally refurbished with brand new seats and fixtures, that will make for some great live comedy, despite the notable absence of multiple columns blocking significant portions of the stage.

Stop on by and buy a ticket at the door! Or use your improv Student ID for free entry to shows marked with an *

Tuesday 9/6 (today)
8pm - FREE - Wild Girls Gone (movie screening)
10pm - FREE - Mystery Team (movie screening)

Wednesday 9/7
7:30pm - $5 - Outlook of the Poet + Two Man Movie *
9:00pm - $5 - Doppelganger + Cheating On Harold (this week: Standard Oil + Very Good Kiss) *
11:00pm - free - The Improv Jam (hosted by Grandma’s Ashes) *

Thursday 9/8
6:00pm - free - Oh, Hey Guys (storytelling open mic, hosted by John Flynn)
7:30pm - $5 - Adam Wade: BIG HEART
9:00pm - $5 - Totally JK (hosted by Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel)
11:00pm - free - Gutbucket (stand-up open mic, hosted by Rob Stern and Amber Nelson)

Friday 9/9
7:30pm - $10 - Diamond Lion
9:00pm - $10 - Creaghead & Company Industrial Showcase
11:00pm - $5 - Gentrify

Saturday 9/10
7:30pm - $10 - AIRWOLF: Let’s Go Back To Your Place
9:00pm - $10 - The Extended Play E.P. Music Album Release Party with TJ Miller
11:00pm - $5 - Underground Americana (w/ Jeff Rubin, Lang Fisher and more)

Sunday 9/11
7:30pm - $5 - Two Fun Men + Off The Cuff
9:00pm - $5 - Hot Soup11:00pm - $5 - Fresh Out (hosted by Adam Conover)

Monday 9/12
8:00pm - $5 - Wheelhouse (hosted by Will Hines)
10:00pm - $5 - Improv Nerds *

Tuesday 9/13
8:00pm - $5 - After Hours with Gene Hackman & Friends
10:00pm - $5 - It Is It (hosted by Adam Lowitt)
— Nate Dern, Artistic Director


Anonymous said...

Great, just what we need...more destination-partyers in the EV.

Anonymous said...

Ok this has to be pronounced

UC Beast

Richard D James said...

But will there be "hot chicks"

Anonymous said...

UGH it is the most annoying kind of people/comedy. Completely a college bullshit place. COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE. Go back to campus you new jack cornballs.

CHurt said...

I say it UC Beast, and I say it's a great addition to the neighborhood. The drinks are not the thing, the improv's the thing. The more live music, live theatre, live artsy-fartsy stuff along the Avenue, the better. Maybe this'll be like Amy Poehler's Wah-Wah Hut?

Svavar said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to put on my best cargo shorts and see some amazing comedy!

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a bunch of unfunny rich kids that think they're funny. Go jack off somewhere else.